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Sunday Outline: 02/08-02/14

Mon: Heavy TGU then DB Snatch, KBS
Tue: Pause DL then Ball Slams, DL, Row
Wed: Tempo Front Sq then Thruster ladder
Thu: Open Gym
Fri: Tommy 40th Birthday Wod with Rope Climbs, Box Jumps, Pushups, BMU and AMSU
Sat: Handstand walk skill work then PP, TTB, DU
Sun: Partner IGYG wod (Bring a friend for free!). Yes to Open Gym. No to Barbell Club. Good Luck to Arianna competing at her Weightlifting Meet!
We are starting CrossFit Kids (6-8yo) classes on Saturdays at 930a and Family Wods at 930a (all ages welcome) on the first Saturday of the month! Contact Stacey for more information.
Register for the CrossFit Games Open – there is no “fit enough” or “level of fitness” needed to compete. Participation is fun!
CrossFit CEO vs Orange Theory CEO
Lost at Sea for 438 days and then it got even worse once he got home
Here is a spreadsheet for final standings for the Everyday Athlete Cup – congratulations to all the teams that participated!


Sunday Outline: 02/01-02/07

Mon: Strict Press then run, box jump, pushups, pullups, KBS no time cap and garhammer finisher
Tue: Clean+Thruster = Cluster complex then wallballs, ring dips, HSWU
Wed: DL at 50% then atomic situps
Thu: Rowing, Airdyne, Ball Slam
Fri: Box Jumps, TTB (mandatory off day for those in the competition)
Sat: Closed! Come support your fellow box mates in Kennilworth! (At home wod to be posted)
Sun: Squat Snatch, DU and AMSU
No Saturday classes at either location since we have the competition – please come out and support those participating and see how fun it is! Accordingly, Thursday will have a regular wod since there will be nothing on Saturday.