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Sunday Outline: 04/27-05/03

Sloane is leading a class this week! Click for the schedule of our CFV LIVE online classes and come say hi!

Amanda is leading Trivia Night on Saturday (5/2) at 800p (ends roughly 845p). Topic du jour: NEW JERSEY

Yoga and Endurance start this week at 530p on Tue and Thu respectively


Sunday Outline: 03/23 – 03/29

At Home Resources from Reebok for kids

I know Friday’s workout is crowd favorite but please:

  1. Learn about Ssgt Timothy P. Davis!
  2. If you have a barbell at home (words from NCFIT and loved by CFV): Heavy doesn’t mean sloppy – avoid athletes going for a set “at all cost” – weight should be challenging, but athletes should still be able to maintain proper mechanics.